Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To The Girl Who Speaks 20 Languages In A Video

When roaming around YouTube to find interesting videos, I came across this one video. The word "languages" was what got me interested in the first place. Turns out, she amused me a lot and I started to go to her channel and watched her other videos. She's fun and instantly I became her funscriber (another word she describe her subscriber). So yeah, I found another YouTube channel to view, SAARA.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Another Bad Day

It was supposed to be a lazy Tuesday but unfortunately it turns out to be slightly a bad day for me.

I woke up around 10 am and stayed lying on my bed until 11 am Facebook-ing and just merely looking through the media social. When the clock strike 11 am, I knew I had to go shower immediately as I still haven't finish with my assignment which was due at 3 pm that day. I tried to finish it before 3 pm and I did it! Kudos to me. Lunch was just simple; I had chicken and rice and then at 2 pm, off I got to my lecturer's office to hand in my assignment. I got back home after that but I have to go back to Unisel as I have to meet a friend regarding some paper works and forms. So, I went upstairs to my room and grabbed the form and went back to Unisel and heading to the hostel.

FYI, it was raining at the moment. At the main entrance, I suddenly realized that there was a motorcycle behind me and keep honking. I decided to ignore it because I don't think the honking was for me, so I just drove off to the hostel. I parked right beside my friend's car and we decided to just exchanged the forms through the car window when suddenly a random aunty (which I assumed was working as a guard because she's wearing a uniform) came right beside my car at the passenger seat. I rolled down the window and then, there she was shouting to me like there's no tomorrow. She was mad because I drove too fast and splashed her when I ran to a sudden puddle. It was never really my intention to splash her. As a matter of fact I didn't even realized which puddle. Turns out she's the one who's riding the motorcycle and been honking me at the main entrance. At first I felt sorry for her but then there's no need to make it a big of a deal. It was already raining for god sake, are you really expecting your clothes to be dry as fuck? You'd be totally wet of course.

What a makcik she is. I am done dealing with her. As people used to say, first impression matter the most and that makcik had tear her image in front of me. I have nothing to say to you makcik as what can be say may hurt your feeling and cut your heart into tiny pieces of flesh. So, have a pleasant day in the future, makcik.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Movie // Jem & The Holograms

I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer on YouTube and only now I got the chance to do so. Through my expectation of the movie, it did somehow reach to that point. Basically what could be said about this movie in short is that internet sensation became instantly famous and land a deal with a music company. To add up spice in it, there's betrayal, romance, mystery and teenage journey of life. By far the most interesting movie I had watched this year. What got me interested to watch this in the first place was the makeup of Jem and her sisters. I love it. Unfortunately, I haven't finished watching the movie because somehow the sound from the movie (conversation etc) got broken and it got stuck, It totally brought me down when I was so eager to know what is the ending of the story. I watched it online by the way, at Bottom line is, I love it and I'm gonna find a way to finish watching this. I love Jem's voice too!

Besides that, I re-watched Hot Chick and Hillary Duff's A Cinderella Story.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Song // Life Is Worth Living

I got back to Unisel for the new semester today. Somehow I can't seem to get to sleep right now so I scroll around YouTube and came across Justin Bieber's songs. It has been a while since I last heard his songs. I click the music video Purpose and I liked it because he was in there. I like him :)  The song was fine. He is such a dreamy and I like it that he's blonde.

Then I click the next music video, Life Is Worth Living. It started with a calm sound of piano and then followed by his voice. When he started singing, I instantly closed my eyes and just try to grasp all the melody heard. This song gave me a bucketful of emotions. I felt like crying but I'm smiling. At a moment there, this song touched my heart and it felt like hearing someone comforting me with singing a song which is this song. All I can say this song is beautiful and I can't stop listening to it.

Although there have been nasty rumours about Justin but still I love his voice especially the song Life Is Worth Living. I am pretty sure he had his reasons for behaving certain ways at that moment. I mean humans are not perfect and he is human, so expect lest perfection from him. I know he is trying his best doing the right thing for himself and trying to correct all the wrong doings of his past behaviours. Just let him live the way he is happy with. When he is happy, I hope he sings more so that I can always continue listening to his voice singing different songs in the future.

Thank you, Justin :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Certain Event // The Grand Wedding

I got back home around midnight and quickly make my bed and get ready to go to bed. It has been an amusing day today. I just had to post this up. Yesterday was my cousin's wedding and the wedding was at night. So, Mak Lang decided to have a small gathering just for us family. Unfortunately only some of the family members could make but not us, we came all the way from the village and went straight to Kuala Lumpur, where her house is. Only my family and Ucu's family make it. Others got some unfinished business to do. Nevertheless, we had a simple doa tahlil for our ancestors and deceased family and had a little feast onward.

Exactly at 8 pm, we rushed to the hotel where my cousin, Kak Rini's wedding is. We went together with Ucu's and Mak Lang's family. Arriving at the hall, I found it to be very fascinating and quite amazed and a little bit excited because it was my first time going to a wedding this big. FYI, Kak Rini is my Mak Log and Pak Long's daughter and they're the Dato' and Datin in our family. So, my expectation was high and it almost reach to it's level but not so much all because I felt like the food was like so-so. But overall it was spectacular and I had fun. At the end of the day, I dream to have a simple wedding in a grand hall with beautiful bridesmaids by my side while wearing a stunning yet appropriate dress. I wish :)