Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Faces of 2k15

Selfies recap of 2k15 according to month.



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S E P T E M B E R  &  O C T O B E R

N O V E M B E R  &  D E C E M B E R

Movies // The City Of Love

My friend, Raihanah, whom also my housemates is currently at Paris at the moment. When she told me the past few months ago that she's going to Paris this December, I was like "good for you!". I bet it's gonna be awesome getting on that plane where it's taking you there. But somehow, lately I've encounter a few Paris-ish related movie. Is it so obvious that I've been thinking about that place? Well, I don't but it's not that I'm not concern about what happen to them (the Paris attack). I don't know, it felt funny. It's not like I'm seeing Paris everywhere but I don't know. Whatever. I kinda enjoy the movie tho. I've watched a new one, Paris or Perish, and re-watched an old one, Monte Carlo. They both amused me :)

Monte Carlo
Paris or Perish

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Exploregram // Makeup Beauty @yayaadalia

What do you do when you got bored at instagram? you explore! and that was when I found her @yayaadalia. She was at the top of the explore section of instagram. The picture shown was a girl wearing a black headscarf with glasses but what got me interested was her her lipstick hehe. I clicked her profile and totally fell for her. Safe to say I loved the way she did with her face (the makeup I meant). I instantly clicked the follow button and yep. I myself am still weak in makeup and still exploring and learning in the world of makeup. For me, the basic that I know are doing your brows, eyeliners, lipsticks and powder and lil bit of foundation when I'm not too lazy to apply it. That's all for me. I really need to step up my game here when I saw her because I was like; what a gorgeous creature she is :)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hot Stuff // The Headscarf I Needed @byanymnyzura

I need new colours for my headscarfs. Mother kept saying I always wear the same old black shawl I got for Eid this year. The thing is with me and black shawl, it matches with anything and I love how it looks good on me. I feel comfortable and more confident in that colour. Thus, it has been my favourite colour of the year of 2015. As for 2016, I need to add more new colour for my headscarf. I've been following this instashop for quite some time, @byanymnyzura and I did bought a few of their headscarf. Now, I need some more. Of all the colour, I have chosen 5 of those and I will buy it! No matter what my financial status is :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Breaking The Vow

Last year, at the end of 2014 I vowed to myself to not eat a single rice for the entire 2015 as a reason perhaps it could help with my diet and my weight loss journey. As for today, it has been 363 days without rice for me but still not one year yet as one year has 365 days. Unfortunately for me today as I am writing this post, I had rice before, for the first time since 362 days ago when I vowed not to have some.

Why did I ate it?! Well, the story starts like this. After Maghreb prayer, my mother ask the whole family to go to the mosque to listen to a talk. I had nothing to do that night so why not just go and spent some time to listen to a talk, doesn't do any harm to me. So, I went to there and after the talk is over, we prayed for Isya' prayer. When it's time to go back, they gave us a pack of food to bring back home. At first mother already told me that not to take one as she had already took one for me but then my sister insisted that I take another one. Ergo, I took one because she really really wanted me to take it.

When we came back home, we realized that each of us had already took one pack of food. So, in total we have 6 packs of food. There's five of us (father, mother, adik, alang and me) but mother took two pack of food. In the end we gave the other pack to our neighbour. Mother won't let us keep the extra food in the fridge. She does not want to reheat the food the next morning. Unfortunately, there's this new rumour said that reheating yesterday food to be eaten is bad and she is trying to avoid that. Going back to the food, all of it was rice; nasi lemak, 2 nasi goreng kampung and 2 nasi goreng pattaya. Father's food is pretty much the same, nasi impit.

I was eyeing the nasi lemak and I have encounter tons of nasi lemak during my 'fasting of rice' year and I don't know why but this time I just can't resist it anymore. I ask everyone if I could eat the nasi lemak. Can I eat it or not? I kept repeating the same question over and over again to them and myself. I was thinking that it is already the end of the year and I only got two more days to achieve my one-year-no-rice goals. But then father said to me softly,"To be honest, it won't make any different whether you eat the rice now or 2 days after you achieve your one year rice goal because you still look the same. So just eat it". He really made a good point and in the end, the rice was already inside my mouth and I can't stop chewing. It feels like it has been ages I hadn't ate but later then I just feel the same.

Nevertheless, I feel happy that I can eat rice again. Mother said, you could eat rice but limit how much you take per day. I feel guilty but glad. What is that?! Whatever it is, I gotta start to make new diet plans for next year. In the end, I feel proud of myself for getting this much far in this no-rice journey.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Zero 2015 In Me

Well, unfortunately I didn't post anything about my goals for 2015 here. Now what am I supposed to refer, to check what have I achieved during this past year considering the year is coming to an end. It's freaking Christmas right now. But that does not concerns me as I am not celebrating it. Yet, I still like the feeling waking up in the morning and finding your present under the Christmas's tree. I think it felt nice. I don't know, I've never experience it. Enough about that, back to my goals for 2015 . . . umm yeah, I got nothing to revise.

Right then, so I guess I'll do it like this. I'll just spill out everything I wanted this year and let see if I manage to achieve them or not. Let's pretend these are the goals I plan to achieve in 2015.

2015 goals and dreams

  1. Not eating rice for the whole year.
  2. No eating eggs for the whole year.
  3. Get a hot body.
  4. Wake up and sleep early.
  5. Drink at least 2000 ml a day.
  6. 8 hours of sleep.
  7. 2 hours of exercises for 2 days.

Now, it's time to see whether I achieved them or not.

1. Not eating rice for the whole year.
First thing first, I nailed this goal! It has been 361 days without rice for me and I'm still here. The main reason I did this because I thought it could help me lose weight easily but I was wrong. This thing does not affect me at all. I can stop eating rice for 5 more years but still looking like this because I didn't took much time spent for exercising. I admit it sometimes I got caught up in school work and other social activities and at times laziness do come but the main reason was the feeling of being underestimated. The moment I started to exercise, some of my friends will be like teasing me and stuff and I kinda hate that chizz so I decided to just stop. I tried to do it secretly but it was no fun. But needless to say I manage to carry out this and almost towards the to complete this. Kudos for me :) 

2. No eating eggs for the whole year.
This thing is totally impossible for me! I can't freaking do this, I love love love eggs. I really cherish them in a dish. A fun fact here; I'm allergic to egg so when I consume eggs into my body, I will got itching all over my body. I thought by doing this I got to stay away and be safe from my allergic but the thing is I love them so much, I can't live without eating them at least once a week or better everyday. In this case, not just I failed to do this but there was a time where I ate eggs for almost everyday of the month. Of course, I got itching and sore body after that but that doesn't matter because I got to eat them and it tasted wonderful no matter how much I had had them :) 

3. Get a hot body.
Unfortunately, I failed bad at this! I got lazy to exercise and all the diet I have tried was not working on me. The passion was there at first but then it break down due to some underestimation from friends. I'm still stuck with this 65kg/164cm body. I'm going to towards to overweight in my BMI and I cannot bear to let it go there, I can die!!!

4. Wake up and sleep early.
This one was very so-so. It was inconsistent and I can say 60% of the year, I failed to do so. Only 40% got it. I don't know why it's getting harder for me to wake up earlier these days and I like to stay up at night. Surprisingly, I am more awake at night and more active. It's like all the ideas came flowing throughout my mind and I felt like there's a lot to do at that moment (at night). And when I got to bed, it was almost morning. What a waste, I gave my all to where I am supposed to be sleeping and when it's time to do work, I am still sleeping. I usually woke up around noon and that sucks ! I missed breathing the morning air with the cool breeze. 

5. Drink at least 2000 ml a day.
I am not much a drinker myself and I failed at doing this. I don't know why but I just don't like to drink a lot. I could say I probably drank less than 500 ml a day. That's just not good for my health and myself. I have to pay more attention to this. This thing is serious af and I just don't want to ignore it anymore. But I did tried my best of making sure I drank 2000 ml a day but the farthest I got was 1500 ml a day, I guess. I need to do better than this. 

6. 8 hours of sleep.
Heck yeah, I got full 8 hours of sleep. Although the sleeping pattern got all jumble up but still 8 hours of sleeping! Good job, Noeanna. 

7. 2 hours of exercises for 2 days.
Like I said before, I got lazy, underestimate, tease and broken spirit so not much I could say here. 

So, enough to say I almost failed at achieving my goals but still manage to do some. I could do better next time.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When you're too happy

Have you ever feel like suddenly you're happiness just comes out of nowhere? Well that happened to me a while ago.

Today was awful I guess. I woke up around 11 in the morning, almost to noon actually. I laid back in my bed for a while and checked instagram and facebook. Up until 12, I quickly go showered because I have to meet up for discussion later with my friends. It's exams week but still, I got unfinished assignment *sigh. I had lunch and went straight to meeting. The discussion took almost the entire evening. I got exam tomorrow and I still haven't study anything on it and I was getting worried because the discussion took longer time than I expected but it's all good. I got to exchanged notes with my friends, that's nice.

Around 8 o'clock, I started to type back all the notes I got from them. I tried to organized the for clearer vision and for my own comfort. At first I felt very enthusiast to start studying for tomorrow's paper but then the feeling started to fade away and away. I felt bored and lazy. Right about 10 o'clock, Rozi Darlis texted me. It's time for dinner! Yeahhhh. We went dinner for around one hour and on our way back, I felt very hyper, like hyper hyper, SUPER HYPER! Maybe I just miss him because we're kinda busy during this exam week and haven't been able to hang and do stuff. Yeah, maybe it's that. After sending him off, on my way back to my house, I felt really ALIVE! I don't even think I had that much of sugar today but it just happened.

And then it just hit me, what if this hyper happiness means something? Usually they say, when you're too happy, you will cry in the next day. Arghhh, I don't want to feel sad tomorrow. So, I stopped screaming my happiness out and controlled it. Darn, I really hope nothing bad will happen tomorrow.


Monday, December 14, 2015

I get all tongue tied explaining // Movie list

It's been ages since my last post. I swear I wanted to post more but due to the hectic life as a student, I kinda got tied up to assignments, hanging out with friends and much more. To give you update, I am currently at my final exam's week. One paper down, 4 more to go. I got a long gap between the first paper and the second one and guess what?! I didn't even used the gap time filled with studying but I've been watching movies, LIKE 10 FREAKING MOVIES! What the heck Noeanna, where's you manner in contributing at your final week. Dang it, I should be ashamed of myself *covers face*.

Here, I give you the list of movies I've been watching instead of studying:

  1. Twenty (korean)
  2. The Final Girls (just because of Taisaa Farmiga)
  3. The Martian  (I wanted to know how he survived! ON MARS!!)
  4. It Follows (this was stupid but a bit creepy, I guess the ghost was just horny)
  5. Jessabelle  (It was okay)
  6. 13 Sins (whhhhyyyyy ?!!?!!)
  7. VS Fashion Show 2015 (it's not a movie but still though, it took for almost one hour of my time)
  8. We Are Your Friends (just because of Zac Efron)
  9. American Ultra (kinda awesome when you suddenly realize that you're a killing machine!)
  10. Crimson Peak (mehhhhh)
I got nothing much to say. I got papers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Gotta study, baii :)